Learn how to knit diagonal rib stitch cowl in the round. The SPIN COWL has rib stitch borders at the top and bottom, and a diagonal rib stitch body.

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  1. how to cast on using a chain cast on 1:23
  2. how to do the first rib stitch border 4:04
  3. how to do the 2×2 diagonal rib stitch 5:23
  4. how to do the last rib stitch border 9:01
  5. how to bind off using the stretchy bind off 9:49


  • 52 peg loom like the Martha Stewart loom (or loom with 40 pegs, 44 pegs, or 48 pegs)
  • one ball of yarn hook
  • scissors
  • yarn needle

Watch the Ms Yarn loom knitting tutorial