This loom knit hat is made using a 41-peg extra large gauge round loom, and Wool Ease Thick and Quick #6 yarn. It has a short ribbed brim, a spiral-patterned body.

You’ll repeat the same 6-stitch repeat over and over again to create the spiral. Watch the descriptive YouTube video below for help.

Download the accessible pattern for the loom knit spiral hat

Accessibility statement: This loom knitting pattern is accessible for people who have low vision, people who are print challenged, and people who use screen readers. This was tested for screen readers using the read out loud function in Adobe Acrobat. It is accessible because I use all black sans serif font in 24 point size. There is no extra formatting, and I use one inch margins. All directions are fully written out, so the knitter does not need a knitting chart.
spiral hat made of white yarn


  • 41-peg round loom (13/16 inch gauge)
  • 1 ball of Wool Ease Thick and Quick #6 yarn (the video uses a yellow called Mustard, and the hat in the photo is in a white called Fisherman)
  • hook
  • pair of scissors
  • yarn needle
  • loom/stitch markers, cable needle (optional)

41 peg round loom and Wool Ease yarn

Finished size

Height: 8.5 inches or 21 centimetres

Circumference: 18 inches or 46 centimetres


10 stitches and 14 rows for 4 inches or 10 centimetres of the spiral body


All knit stitches in this pattern are made using the e-wrap knit stitch.

The spiral is created using a “left twist” which means you’ll take two loops and make them switch places. This technique may also be known as “left cross” or “cable 2 front.”


  1. Mark the loom. The rib stitch brim is made by doing a Knit 1, Purl 1 sequence, so you can mark your pegs to help you remember. Note that peg 41 will be knit, rather than purled.
  2. Cast on. I used an e-wrap cast on by doing wrapping all pegs, then re-wrapping all pegs and knitting over all the bottom loops. Feel free to use a different cast on.
  3. Make the brim. Do a Knit 1, Purl 1 sequence for five rounds. As noted in step 1, we will knit on peg 41.
  4. Set up the spiral body. On round 6, you will knit all pegs to set up the pattern.
  5. Create the spiral pattern. On round 7, you will start the six-stitch repeat that you will continue until you complete round 26. The six-stitch repeat is as follows: Knit on pegs 1 to 4. Make the left twist by picking up the loop on peg 6, untwisting it, and holding it in the back. Pick up the loop on peg 5, untwist it, and put it on peg 6. Put the loop in the back on to peg 5. This six-stitch repeat will shift over by one peg every time you start a new round. This creates the spiral.
  6. Decrease the crown. Do a quick crown decrease on round 27 in order to decrease from 41 stitches to 21 stitches. Move the loops on all even pegs over to the odd pegs on the right. So put the loop on peg 2 onto peg 1. Put the loop on peg 4 onto peg 3, and so on.
  7. Finish the crown decrease.On round 28, knit all the pegs (21 remaining stitches).
  8. Do the gather bind off. Close the hat by taking your yarn up all the remaining stitches. Pull tight, sew a circle around the top, tie a knot and weave in the ends.
  9. As an option, tighten the cast on.

spiral repeat on knitting loom which is Knit 4 Cable 2 Front

Watch the loom knitting tutorial

Four loom knit spiral hats

white spiral hat, purple spiral hat, green spiral hat, yellow spiral hat
About the white version, green version with grey brim, and yellow version:

  1. All made on a 41 peg loom (gauge is 13/16th of an inch).
  2. All made using Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn #6 weight.
  3. One regret about the green hat with grey brim: I should have done two rounds of green before doing the spiral repeat, rather than one single round of green; this would prevented a few grey stitches from being pulled upwards into the body, which I don’t like.

About the purple hat:

  1. Made using a 48 peg loom with 5/8th inch gauge.
  2. Made using Charisma yarn #5 weight.
  3. Spiral is created using a seven-stitch repeat where you e-wrap over five pegs, then do a “left twist” on pegs 6 and 7.