To make this adult-sized hat, just watch my YouTube video on how to make the baby version. It’s not hard. To make those twists, you basically need to make two loops trade places every three rounds.

Watch YouTube tutorial on loom knit mock cable baby beanie

Loom: 54-peg chunky Flexee Loom with 5/8 inch gauge
Yarn: Loops & Threads Charisma #5 weight
Size: Adult
Height: 8 inches or 20 centimetres
Circumference: 18 inches or 46 centimetres


  • Chain cast on
  • Rounds 1 to 30: Do the three-round repeat that includes mock cables
  • Rounds 31 to 34: Decrease the crown from 54 stitches to 36 stitches, then to 18 stitches (the video will help you)
  • Gather bind off
  • Add pompom!

Mock cable beanie without pompom

yellow mock cable hat on mannequin head, no pompom

Mock cable beanie with pompom, made using a Clover Pom Pom Maker

mock cable beanie with pompom and clover pom pom maker