This seed stitch blanket is 32 inches by 37 inches (81 cm x 94 cm) and uses a two-row repeat. We use the true/classic knit stitch, and we’ll bind off “in pattern” to get a lovely final edge. Proper closed captions are available for people who need or want to read the instructions. Happy knitting.


0:00 Intro

01:12 Mark loom

01:54 Chain cast on

04:13 Seed stitch (two-row repeat)

10:42 Add new yarn (magic knot)

12:58 Bind off in pattern


  • 44 peg loom, 10 Zippy Looms and 4 corners; Zippy loom has a 1.5 inch gauge
  • 6 balls of Red Heart Grande #7 jumbo yarn
  • hook
  • scissors
  • stitch markers to mark pegs
  • crochet hook (optional)