This welt stitch hat pattern is available in my Etsy shop, and there is an accessible version.

Accessibility statement: This pattern is written in 24 point, all black, san serif font. There are no italics. The directions are fully written out and contain no abbreviations, making them screen reader accessible as well as accessible to people with print challenges.

I used a 41 peg round loom with a 3/4 inch gauge and #6 Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn.

Here are a few pictures of the finished product.

green welt stitch hat on mannequin head

The pattern includes instructions on how to decrease the crown during the last four rounds, over four pegs.

welt stitch hat showing crown decrease

I also included notes on a slouchy version that I made using Lincoln Patons Lincoln Fog Yarn #5, also on a 41 peg extra large loom.

yellow welt stitch slouchy hat

The loom knit hat pattern is available on Etsy. Thanks for your support!